Development & Manufacture of Acoustic Materials

We offer a full range of sound-deadening products: vibration-damping, noise-canceling, heat-insulation materials; accessories and installation tools.

Company Profile

ShumTech specializes in manufacturing car sound-deadening materials since 2002. One of the industry pioneers, we co-developed Russia’s most popular sound-deadening materials. Since 2010, ShumTech has secured a broad global presence and enjoys high demand among American, European, and Middle-Eastern drivers.

The company’s specialists have participated in a series of international acoustic materials conferences in Russia, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, and other countries. Relying on and using cutting-edge advancements, we provide our customers with state-of-the-art and top-performance sound-deadening materials.

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ShumTech Group today is

In-house manufacturing facilities in Yaroslavl and Nizhny Novgorod—Russia’s major industrial centers

Bleeding-edge laboratories and innovative development and testing departments

Sales partners in Europe and Mexico

Stable sales growth across the company’s major brands

Our Expertise

Our company’s cornerstone expertise covers design of sound-deadening materials that span the entire spectrum of acoustic comfort tasks with regard to climatic and operating conditions; specifics and expectations of car enthusiasts from different countries.

Long, effective experience:

18 years in the sound-deadening materials market

Cooperation with professional installation staff

We develop materials in close collaboration with car manufacturers

Top-grade quality

End-to-end production control and quality assurance

Rich product line

From economy class to premium

Favorable terms

We offer the market’s best wholesale cooperation terms

Personalized approach

Get a unique product tailored to your specific tasks and parameters



With our in-house lab, we can design new components to improve consumer properties of sound-deadening materials and ensure compliance with the most stringent global standards.

We develop and regularly upgrade the critical properties of our main product categories—vibration-damping, noise-canceling, and heat-insulation materials; accessories and sound-deadening tools.

Another priority of ours is designing damage-proof and convenient packaging for our products. Our engineers take into account every aspect of long-haul transportation and delivery with integrity and ergonomics in mind.



ShumTech owns a cutting-edge manufacturing and storage facility that ensures delay-free production and shipments of upscale materials.

Top-performance, innovation-inspired equipment and competent specialists are two anchors that secure manufacture of materials demanded in the European, US, and Middle-East markets.

By regularly upgrading the process lines and introducing state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions, we guarantee impeccably high quality and cost-friendly prices.


ShumTech develops the full range of materials for complete car sound deadening.

We supply our products to multiple markets across the world. Consumers living in different climatic zones have preferences and operation specifics of their own.

Car enthusiasts’ tastes differ from region to region: from small compact cars in Europe to large SUVs and pickup trucks in the US. We meticulously analyze every preference of our customers and offer different brands depending on the purposes and region.

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Materials designed to reduce low-frequency noise and vibrations coming from the car body. Significantly cutting off engine- and suspension-generated vibration, this material makes the automobile more rigid, solid, and corrosion-protected.


Materials reducing high- and mid-frequency noise. Used as a barrier against external noises and suppressor of car’s inner noises coming from the engine, wheels, and suspension. Applied as a second layer above the vibration-damping materials.



Materials designed to maintain the convenient cabin temperature. They help retain cool conditioner-generated air and keep the cabin warm with the engine off in winter.


We are happy to cooperate with car and car parts manufacturers, installation companies, service enterprises, and sales companies of all types.

We offer our partners two supply models: basic assortment with tailored packaging and style or SOW-based production. Our streamlined processes at every stage will ensure the uncompromised effect of collaboration.

ShumTech will help you handle the following:

ШумТехMarket research
ШумТехProduction startup
ШумТехProduct development
ШумТехLogistics & Warehousing
ШумТехPackage design
ШумТехMarketing support
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We are open to cooperation with the companies concerned with automotive business, guaranteeing systemic support and a personalized approach to developing goal-specific products.

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